Friday, June 21, 2013

Tales from Online Shopping - Baby Gear

Here are some of my most recent online "finds"...

1. Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers - We're trying them out as our disposable alternative to cloth when on vacation and when outfits wont fit over cloth.

2. Spider Monkey Plush Toy Set from Zulily

3. Stokke MyCarrier and Bib Set - Stokke was kind enough to send me this organic 3 in 1 baby carrier to review on our upcoming vacation. I'm SO excited to try it because I have only heard amazing things about it! I bought the coordinating carrier bibs for our little drooler. Check back for the full review and lots of pics! I hope I am able to say goodbye to my annoying back pain after using this ergonomic baby carrier.

4. Cloth Wipes from Sweet Bobbins - Thick, soft, CUTE, and so handy for everything drool to bum.

5. Turquoise Teething Necklace - Purchased from Zulily.

6. Buggy Guard Anti-Theft Stroller Lock - I'll be darned if my new awesome stroller becomes a statistic and gets swiped! This should do the trick.

7. Chompin Chicken Wing Teething Toy - A perfect AppeTEETHER! Oh, the pictures are coming... you can bet on that!

8. Simba Silicome Toothbrush - Baby toothbrush with stopper to keep it from going in too far. I have no idea what "fur clearing" means. Anyone????

9. Pully Palz Paci Hanger - Developmental toy that also helps keep pacifier handy. So cute!

10. Red Monkey Zip Up Hoodie - Baby Starters sale on Zulily.

11. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes - Oh it's on! We have this and #12 below... I'll let you know which Asher prefers after a few weeks of playing with them both.

12. Bright Starts Get Movin' Music Player - So far I like this one better, it has more sounds and the handle is skinnier and easier for Asher to grip. But we will see!

13. Red & Blue Travel Pouch - By Stephen Joseph and purchased from Zulily for keeping baby essentials together while on vaca!

"My mom online shops way too much!" - Baby Asher

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  1. I love all of these items. Especially the teether, oh my lanta! I have got to get one of those for Jaxon. My Amazon cart is already at like 10 items as we speak. Unfortunately my online shopping habit is on HOLD right now due to me trying to build the bank account back up. Hellerrrrrr complete and udder sadness!

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I am currently suspended from Zulily... by my husband and myself. I should temporarily delete the app because it is too tempting!!! SHOULD... but won't. Who am I kidding????! I <3 Zulily 4ever :)