Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Father's Day to the #1 Dad

I always knew John would make a wonderful father. He just has the qualities that an amazing dad should. He's kind, patient, loving, and I can just tell he is so proud to be a father. He does so well with Asher, has since the day Asher was born, so tiny and fragile. He talks of the future when he and Asher will be "boys" together - hunting, fishing, playing soccer in the yard. The truth is, he will love and support Asher no matter if he wants to do those things or not. He will not judge or hold him up to any standards. He will be there for him during the proudest of moments and the moments that a dad is needed most.

Asher is blessed to have John as a dad, of that I am sure. He already lights up when John is around. A few days ago, John was home when Asher was getting his bath, which is unusual with our current work schedules. Asher looked up while playing with his bath toys and saw John standing behind me. His eyes grew wide and the biggest smile spread across his face. He started playing more actively with his toys as if to show his dad all the new, fun things he could do. It was a beautiful, simple moment that so perfectly captured what this first Father's Day is about - a new dad, a new baby, and the wonderful relationship that is growing between them. 

Happy Father's Day, John. You are and always will be a perfect father to our little baby Asher. He loves you more than anything already. Soon you'll be an inseparable pair. I love you!

Here are some of the first moments captured of our new father and son duo:

Asher's first diaper change.

We celebrated Father's Day early in the morning as the rest of the day would be spent with our extended families. John loved the shoes Asher picked out for him ;) and I found some inspiration on Pinterest for a fun Father's Day craft.

I had some father-son pictures printed on CHOCOLATE at for a unique Father's Day treat for John.
Asher helped me craft this Pinterest idea!

Then, we headed to John's dad's house to wish him a happy Father's Day. After that, it was out to dinner with my family to celebrate some more. Happy Father's Day to all the great dad's out there!


I'll finish up with some fun outtakes from our attempted Father's Day photo shoot... 
Asher was not in the mood! :)

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