Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy 4 Months, Baby Asher!

At this rate, we soon won't be calling you 'Baby Asher' anymore!

At 4 months old, you are rolling over from back to tummy and vice versa all by yourself. You make all kinds of sounds and when you're on your swing you "talk" to the monkeys spinning around overhead. You are sleeping 12 hours a night which makes mommy and daddy very happy and rested people! You  LOVE your little plush giraffe, "Sophie". You also love your pacifier, playing on the iPad, watching musical nursery rhymes on YouTube, having Doggies read to you and Goodnight Moon, watching your Signing Time DVD, and getting your diaper changed! You are always playing with or eating your hands, which can get very messy at times. You even have started "fake coughing" when you want all eyes on you! You little booger!

You are such a momentous joy - our happy, delightful baby. Even when you have moments of fussiness, we still love you more than is even imaginable.

Happy 4 months, little Asher! We love you!!!

The older teddy bear in some of the pictures from our 4 month old photo shoot today was John's bear when he was a baby. John's mom surprised John with it before Asher was born. I can't believe how great of condition it was still in! Asher will love him just as much as John once did, I'm sure.

The monthly onesies were a baby shower gift purchased from Etsy.

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