Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Formula Update

This picture doesn't even show our entire "formula stash". Now, finally, I think we've found it!

Similac Alimentum in powdered form. (<--- Imagine singing angels and lots of light!)

This post is mostly for those who may be in the same boat as us when it comes to finding the right formula for their baby. It may get a little "TMI" up in here... but sometimes you just gotta go there.

I made a spreadsheet with Asher's reactions to the different formulas so that we could see which one is working out the best. Yes, I'm that mother. I'll show it to the doctor, too. Ain't no shame.

We gave up on the sensitive and the spit-up formulas within a week or so of trying them because the spit-up got so bad and was very curdled with a really acidic smell. Although this was still early in the game, my instinct told me we did the right thing. And things have been working out very well with this new formula. It's amazing the difference in his complexion since switching to the Similac Alimentum. Asher's always had lots of baby pimples, and now his face is almost completely clear. Amazing! The doctor agrees that he must have a mild milk and soy allergy.

When searching online, the symptoms and images of soy and dairy allergies show are always so dramatic, so for those who are unsure with their own babies, it may be helpful for you to see what Asher's skin looked like when he was on a formula he had an allergy to and now on the Similac Alimentum:

untouched photos taken with my phone
You can see how much healthier his skin looks now.

He also had these bumps and redness on his shoulders, back, and chest. I'm also wondering if it was contributing to this diaper rash that wouldn't go away. He is pretty clear now in his diaper area, although I've switched up a few things in our diaper routine, as well, so it could be a result of one of those things, too.

A lot of people brush off irritation like this on their skin as "just baby acne" or "just sensitive skin", but obviously it was something more and I'm SO RELIEVED that we figured it out.

This does mean that we are going to have to be extra careful when starting baby Asher on solids.

According to our doctor, we have to be sure to avoid these risky allergenic foods for the first year:


From research I've done on my own, with the soy allergy, we also may have trouble with:

Green Peas
Green Beans
Lima Beans

...and with the dairy allergy we may have trouble with:

Dairy Products in General...Cheese, Butter, Margarine...
Canned fish
Deli/Processed Meats
Pre-Mixed Cereal
Some Spices / Seasonings

...and there is a whole list of ingredients to look for in foods before serving them to an infant on solids. 

There's really no telling when he'll outgrow his sensitivity to soy and dairy. Could be one year or it could be longer. We'll just have to keep a watchful eye on that.

Since Asher sleeps 12-13 hours through the night already, there's no rush to get him started on solids before 6 months. We are going to try to wait the full 6 months before starting. I really don't want to rock the peaceful sleep boat!

Has anyone else had experienced with food sensitivities and their babies or been through something similar and have advice to offer when starting solids??

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