Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Journey to Healthy Eating

I'm doing it. 

I am making the transition to a healthy diet.

I typically make healthy choices most of the time, but lately we have been eating out more and more and hitting that fast food lane much too often - and I have been feeling AWFUL.

The thought to reassess my diet came after catching a few minutes of a Dr. Oz episode on systemic yeast overgrowth. My fatigue had gotten so bad that I thought yeast could be the culprit and the underlying cause - my diet. Too many processed foods can throw off the balance of good and bad bacteria in your digestive tract, leading to overgrowth of yeast that can then enter your bloodstream and wreck havoc on different areas of your body. I don't know if this for sure was what was wrong, but having made a few adjustments throughout the past few weeks, I am feeling a lot better already.

My sister-in-law bought me this very informative book on healthy eating for kids and the whole family, Disease-Proof Your Child. (Thanks, Rebecca!!!) I am only in the first chapter so far, but it is perfect timing with my whole yeast diet plan and falls right into the same subject as a lot of the research I have been doing lately. I plan to have this thing read cover to cover very soon.

I also invested in The Fresh 20, a book with weekly meal plans using fresh, NON-PROCESSED, healthy ingredients. It gives you a shopping list for an entire week's worth of meals using only 20 ingredients (and then a few that you should stock up on initially in your pantry). I picked a random Summer menu and got started yesterday! It was only $100 for the week's ingredients and I even had to buy some of the spices that you normally would already have. So for under $100 you get 5+ meals and leftovers to boot! Pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, I can't divulge the delicious recipes since that would be copyright infringement for sure, but I definitely recommend the book and I'll walk you through the week's meals in pictures.

Yesterday's menu was:

{ Honey Lime Drumsticks and Watermelon Salad }

So, now I have to complete the week since I know you all are watching! Wish me luck!

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