Monday, April 15, 2013

Lifesavers! Best Baby Buys Newborn - 2 Months

Less Common Products You May Not Have Heard About...

I am a gadget girl. And I LOVE to shop online. This  results in 2 things - great finds and an irritated husband. Well, irritated until he realizes how much my "finds" have improved our day to day. :) Below are some of the items that may not typically be on registry lists and have made our lives easier while caring for our baby. I realize that every baby is different and some of these things may work wonderfully for us and not for you, but I wanted to share the things that I consider our "lifesavers".

1. Summer Swaddle Me Swaddles - (Great Until 6 weeks old) These swaddles are wonderful because they fasten with velcro which makes it easy and secure. I recommend buying 5-7 of them. Especially if you have a boy, you may go through more than one a night since no matter what precautions you take, they tend to leak out of their diapers for awhile. Finally this stopped for us around 6 weeks.

2. Halo Sleepsacks - (Great from 6 weeks +) At first, I wasn't sure about these. They seemed much more cumbersome than the Swaddle Mes. Then, Asher outgrew the Swaddle Mes and I bought a few different brands in a larger size. The Halo Sleepsacks are my favorite. He did NOT like the ModSwad. The Halo sleep sacks are great because you can leave the arms in or out, you can change his diaper without ever lifting him, and he hasn't houdinied his way out of this one as much as the others.

Here's Asher in his sleep sack just after his diaper change. It's not zipped up or swaddled here.

3. Angelcare Movement Monitor - This is the only reason I get any sleep! A movement sensor goes under the mattress and will sound an alarm on the monitor if your baby stops moving (breathing) for 20 seconds. Thank goodness we have not had a scare yet, but it has given us such peace of mind even with Asher at our bedside in his co-sleeper.

4. Boppy Changing Pad Liners - Save yourself from having to change out and wash your changing pad cover multiple times a day! Sure, some people may just say heck with the cover altogether, but I'd rather lay my baby on a soft, fuzzy surface during changes. These liners make 'oops' moments much easier to handle. I also put one under the sheet in the bassinet!

Changing pad liner seen through his sheets in this picture. He is in the Modswad.

5. Mesh Laundry Bags - If you've ever washed one of your Velcro swaddles or Velcro bibs with a muslin blanket, you know why this is important! Avoid unnecessary rips and holes by putting the velcro items in a mesh laundry bag.

6. Shout Color Catchers - Throw one of these sheets in with your mixed load of laundry and you won't have to worry about color runs. I am able to do one huge 'baby load' and not worry about dulling colors or whites picking up any strange hues. These are especially helpful when washing new items. I use these for my own laundry, too!

7. Nail Brush - I just got one but should have much sooner! Somehow, Asher's nails always look like he's been digging in the dirt. Well, that's an exaggeration for sure, but they do need to be cleaned underneath from time to time. :)

7. Fisher Price Whale Tub - Drew Barrymore just sang the praises of this tub on a talk show! We love it, too.  It has a divider to keep infants in the more shallow, smaller section until they grow. You HAVE to use the included cup that has holes of the bottom. That little cup is second feature that make the tub so great! It's like a mini shower head. So easy (and cheap, too)! :)

8. Lula Clips - We just got these and they are great! The metal buckle magnetically sticks to the side if the seat while you get the baby in and out. No more digging the buckles out! We got them from a Zulily sale, but you can find them at

9. Sleeper Onesies - The ones with built in footies and mitten flaps. Zippers are easiest!  We have a sleeper onesie that was literally less than $5 from Walmart and it is John's favorite to put Asher in. I wasn't a fan of the gowns because I think they are harder to put on and take off. I know some people like the gowns, though, so this may be one of those things that you have to try on your own.

10. Muslin Swaddles - These are great, especially if you are in FL or another hot region. It's the perfect light blankie. :) I have some from Aden and Anais and some from Bambino Land. The ones from bambino Land are larger, which is great for in the home while the Aden and Anais ones are great for home or on-the-go. The Aden and Anais muslin burp clothes are more absorbent than others, too, so you are less likely to get spit up all over your clothes. Less likely….

11. Zulily!!! If you have an iPad, get the app. For real. Right now. Your significant other and post man will hate me. You will love me. Zulily is amazingly addictive. I should take a picture of my mailbox when multiple Zulily shipments arrive. It's ridiculous and makes me entirely too happy.

12. Paper Plates & Paper Bowls - Less dishes. Enough said!

13. Hats that FIT! - So many of those cute baby sets come with hats that are so awkward and I can't imagine fit any baby's head! A lot of them are way too short! I bought several brands and the only one I have been happy with is L'ovedBaby.

14. Dekor Diaper Pail - I read so many terrible reviews about the other diaper pails. I bought this Dekor diaper pail and absolutely love it. It's so easy and I haven't experienced any super stinky moments when dealing with it. :)

15. Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile - Asher loves to stare and laugh at this mobile! We attached it to his co-sleeper and will be moving it to his crib once he is sleeping in there. You can change out the images, which is pretty cool.

16. BabyCenter App - "When did I feed the baby last?", "How many dirty diapers did he have today?", "How much did he weigh last time?" These are all questions of the past with this great app!

17. Onesie Extenders - If you've ever started to put on a onesie and the snaps just don't quite reach - although it fits everywhere else - these are truly lifesavers!! It's great not to have to undress yet again and find something else to wear, especially when your baby is SO OVER having his arms stuffed into those tiny arm holes.

Nail Brush, Laundry Bags, Onesie Extenders

I'm sure I'll think of a few I missed. I'll keep a running list for Part 2. What have you found to be a "lifesaver" during those first few months?

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  1. I love this post. I wish I could have known about that Modswad! I love it. I also love the stick mobiles. You have some awesome products and I wish I would have known about half of them. Paper plates are the legit best idea yet. ;)