Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery

I am so happy that I had a very easy pregnancy. During the first 3 months, I did have some nausea in the mornings and was pretty tired, but once 14 weeks or so came around, I felt more like myself again.

Around 36 weeks, though, things got uncomfortable. Right after my baby shower, I got a horrible cold that turned into a sinus infection and then into an ear infection! I was miserable! I couldn't hear out of either ear and literally had to hold a heating pad up to the side of my head to slightly mask the pain. I finally gave in and got a z-pack. Then, the symptoms started to return and I had to get a second z-pack to fully knock it out. Luckily, z-packs are safe to take during pregnancy. I was TERRIFIED of going into labor while so miserably sick!

Photo taken by my mom 9 Days before Asher was born.

The last week of pregnancy was mainly uncomfortable because:
1. I had to pee every 15 minutes.
2. I had a difficult time getting up (see #1).

Even at 36 weeks pregnant, I did have an AMAZING baby shower. Both my mom and my mother in law put so much effort into throwing me the best shower possible. I love them both!

Diaper cakes made by my mom! She's so talented!

John and I made the wooden signs that added to the vintage, chic look of the decor. We sell similar items in our store. :)

John's mom was the life of the party, helping coordinate the games and keeping a smile on everyone's face.

My wonderful mother!
Me with my two sisters!
The belly cast made the perfect "guestbook". This will be a wonderful keepsake!
{ My dress was designed by Olian and rented from Mine for Nine. }


Adidas FitFoam Flip-Flops - A must have for sore feet!!
Yoga Pants - Lots of them!
Pea in the Pod Linen Pants - Especially during the last 4 weeks when nothing else would fit!
'Words with Friends' App for iPad or iPhone - When you're couch-bound, this game is a must.
Mine for Nine - Perfect for wearing designer maternity clothes or a designer dress to your baby shower without breaking the bank.


I had taken monthly belly pictures! Here is the closest thing I have to a belly timeline...

...sporadic pictures, some with the iPad. I highly recommend documenting your belly's growth! It would be so fun to look back on my growing belly and see the monthly change wearing similar outfits, taken in the same spot, or even with cut props or signs. Next time!

We were expecting a Valentine's Day baby, but Asher decided to make an early arrival. Although I had been having irregular contractions for about 2 days, I told my husband to go ahead and work at the restaurant Friday night on the 8th. I figured they would stay irregular and it couldn't possibly be the real thing yet. As luck would have it, at 6pm my water broke - during dinner rush on the busiest night of the week! John quickly hurried home and we rushed to the hospital. We checked in at 8pm, I started pushing around 5:30am, and at 5:59am Saturday, February 9th, baby Asher was born. :)

We've all seen the hospital bag lists available on various websites. I won't go through everything I brought with me since these lists are so readily available, but here are some uncommon items I brought that I am SO glad I did:

- One roll of soft toilet paper (trust me, you'll be happy you have it!)
- My cute hospital gown from Gownies

I wish I had brought a cute receiving blanket to make those first pictures more personal. Other than that, there wasn't really anything we weren't prepared for. That said, I did not realize just how absolutely exhausted I would be after giving birth. I'm glad family and visitors were respectful and gave us some time to rest up.

How was your pregnancy or birth experience?

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