Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Let's Start From the Top

Let me start out with a more formal introduction of myself and my family...


I have always loved to write. I interned with our local newspaper when I was in college with the intentions of studying journalism and becoming a reporter. Well, writing the news was not for me. I gave writing a break and went on to switch my major 7 times! I finally graduated with a degree in Health Services Administration and found a great job marketing for a local group of physicians. Always the creative type, I tended to migrate toward the more artistic and imaginative duties while helping to form the new marketing department. I wrote blogs, created the company logos and website, did the graphic design... and in the process got to use my boss's Canon EOS 5D Mark III. <3 Hello new love, DSLR photography. <3

I left that job to focus on our small business that absolutely skyrocketed. I'll save the details on that for another post. I got my own DSLR, the Canon 60D - a good starter camera for my newfound hobby.

I have often thought about starting a blog. It was one of those fleeting, yet recurring, thoughts that eventually I just had to give in to. And so this blog was born!


My husband, John, is the perfect compliment to me. We married on Feb 27th, 2011 after 5 years of dating. He possesses the same driven, entrepreneurial spirit as I, which has led to our creating and growing a business together shortly after our wedding. By night, he helps run the family's Italian restaurant and hopes to take it over one day. He is a wonderful husband and a wonderful new father. He is quite the hobbyist, as well, taking up new projects all the time; the most recent hobby: beer brewing. Watch out for posts on that fun activity soon!

We welcomed our baby, Asher, into our family on February 9th, 2013. He is such a wonderful baby. At 8 weeks of age, he's giving us the first glimpse his emerging emotions and charming personality. He is so calm and patient and already sleeping up to 6 hour stretches at night. He's taking naps like a champ. He shows us his gorgeous, toothless grin throughout the day and has even let out a few of the cutest little laughs you've ever heard. I have taken hundreds of pictures already and I don't think I will ever have enough.

My Husband, John, is the best new daddy!

Left: Our wedding 2-27-2011   Right: Our Rehearsal Dinner - Groom's cake! I had to share; it was so cool!

We also are extremely lucky to have the most amazing families living locally. Both my parents and John's parents have been present in Asher's life since his first day. My two sisters live nearby and are both very excited to be new "aunties". My older sister has 3 kids + one on the way and much of John's enormous Italian family also lives very close, so Asher has a ton of cousins to play with soon! Not to mention the many friends of ours who also have babies or will have babies in the coming months... He certainly will not be lonely!

In a nutshell, the love John and I feel for one another and our new little baby is immeasurable. We are truly blessed in so many ways. That's not to say that we haven't had some bumps along the way and I hope to share some of our gained wisdoms on this blog or even get advice from our readers on issues that may have left us stumped. I hope you enjoy reading!

Asher - Day 1

Left: Asher's Grandpa and Nona from Daddy's side.   Right: Asher's Grandpa and Grandma from Mommy's side.

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