Friday, October 4, 2013

Asher's Sensory Box - Activity for 7-9 Months

A few weeks ago, John and I made a "Sensory Box" for Asher. We went to Michael's Crafts in search of various things that we could include in this special collection of items.

The idea of the sensory box is to expose your baby to new and interesting textures, shapes, colors, etc. It can help with sensory processing, hand-eye coordination, fine motor development, and creative play.

We chose items from all over the spectrum including a textured rubber ducky, a feathered ball, a plastic cow, pig, and hermit crab, a foam koozie with glitter, a slinky, bells, textured fabrics, and a sea sponge, just to name a few of the treasures.

Most of these items are not baby toys, therefore the box is only to be played with under direct supervision. This means you shouldn't take your eyes off baby for even a few seconds while playing in the box! 

It's not uncommon for babies to be surprised and even scared of some of the new textures that they are exposed to during sensory play. Asher was terrified of the sea sponge. At the very first touch, he drew his hands back and held them over his head, looking around frantically for someone to take it away! He eventually warmed up to it and even held it up with a big grin! Then, when reintroduced to this mysterious sponge a few minutes later, he again DESPISED it and still will no longer give it a moment of his time. Maybe one day, sea sponge, maybe one day...

Watch Asher Experience.... THE SPONGE!!!!...

There are many different sensory bin ideas out there for kids of different ages. For babies who are still putting everything in their mouths, I would steer clear of small, choking hazards.

Here are some ideas to put in your own sensory box! Many things could probably be found at the dollar store or in sale bins at the craft store. It doesn't have to be fancy - just get creative!
  • Bath Sponge (or Sea Sponge...if your baby will tolerate it :) )
  • Slinky
  • Rubber Ducky
  • Feather
  • Burlap
  • Textured Felt
  • Christmas Bell
  • Hair Extension Clip
  • Lace
  • Mirror (careful of any sharp edges, plastic if you can)
  • Shiny Cardstock

Have you made a sensory box for your baby? What kind of things did you put in it?

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