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My name is Holly, my husband is John and our adorable (if I do say so myself) baby boy is Asher, born February 2013. I started this blog when Asher was 2 months old. At just 6 months of age when I am writing this, Asher already has a fire in him. He's got his daddy's mischievous smile. He has energy for days. His little feet are always kicking or bouncing. He loves to be tickled and is generous with smiles.  If he's awake, he wants to be entertained. He is curious about everything. I can see that we'll have our work cut out for us containing this one - let the baby proofing begin!

With this little bundle in the house, there is always something to talk about. From teething woes to adventures in crawling or sleep training - I certainly have no shortage of topics to discuss from day to day. I don't always get it right (In fact, I probably rarely do!) but that's what keeps things so interesting around here.

By day, my husband and I run an Etsy store, Z Create Design. We manufacture wedding decor and photography props in a warehouse I often refer to as "the shop". In the evenings, my husband helps run the family's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria, San Remo. I am blessed to have the flexibility of our own business that allows me to bring the baby to work or, on some days, work from home. It can be hectic, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

I love connecting with other moms on our experiences as well as making product recommendations and sharing what I like to call my "finds". I'm always on the hunt for a good baby buy and I love to share what I have found to be lifesaver baby products!

I love photography and sharing my photographs of our family. Eventually I want to work in some posts about DSLR photography for moms (or anyone, really). I'm no expert, but I am having tons of fun learning as I go.

Photo Credit: Caroline Nicole Photography

Our 2 NUTTY pugs are Suki and Sumo. We've had them since pup-hood. Suki's the blonde, I got her first and then felt that she was lonely, so I bought Sumo on discount about a month later. He's every bit of a discount pup - he is as goof-troop as they come. Sumo is our pacifier thief. He will even try to steal one when it's clipped to Asher's shirt! It's the funniest thing to see a dog sneaking around with a pacifier in his mouth. He eventually chews the silicone nipple off if I don't catch him in time. We go through a few a week. Even though these two make our lives even more hectic and in complete disarray, we love them incredibly. They are part of the family. Asher already is utterly enamored with them, signing "dog" all day long.

I am creative and artsy. I love fashion (although my mom uniform has officially taken over for now) and have a total weakness for designer jeans. Target is the next best thing... Zulily, too. I love to write, draw, take pictures, create. I love a challenge and I love learning. After changing my major many, many times, I finally settled on Heath Services Administration and gained experience in healthcare and marketing before launching our Etsy business. I am determined to give up the quest for perfection. With an energetic baby and a growing business, my once well organized and tidy house is now a total disaster, which I am desperately trying to keep from driving me absolutely insane.

Read about my pregnancy and my labor and delivery and what I believe to have started my labor - a pizza! Then, I've shared some insight into our first week home with a newborn. I love getting advice, stories, and feedback from readers! See pictures of Asher's preppy and eclectic nursery plus some links to the various elements that made his room my favorite in the house. Expect lots of Etsy around here - I love Etsy and support other Etsy sellers as much as I can!

I've compiled a few lists of "must have" products for new babies so far, 0-2 months and 3-6 months. I'm always posting new and great baby products on my radar.

We are teaching Baby Sign Language to Asher and so far it has been a hit - and he is only 6 months! He has signed here and there, although it's not consistent yet. I always catch him studying his hands and how they move, practicing signs when he thinks no one is looking. There is still so much to come, but you can read about how to start baby sign language with your baby and stay tuned with my monthly updates on how it is going for us.

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