Sunday, April 14, 2013

Asher's Preppy/Eclectic Nursery

I love to decorate! When I realized that I would be able to design a nursery, I was more than ecstatic. I searched for hours online compiling ideas. Do we want espresso furniture or white furniture? Would white work for a boy? What should the color palate be; blues, greens, both? Should it be modern or vintage? I probably drove both my husband and my mother completely crazy while I bombarded them with these questions and more, seeking their opinions and running idea after idea by them.

{This picture was taken by my mom in our nursery just days before Asher was born!}

We finally decided light blues and whites and my husband got to work creating wainscoting trim for the walls. He enjoys a challenge and wasted no time figuring out how to make the trim using the machines in our shop. My father-in-law helped him install them as well as the laminate wood flooring. It was starting to look like a real nursery!

I found this great rug on We knew all along that whatever the theme was, it would have something to do with water as my husband is an avid offshore fisherman. I thought that this rug had a nice motion to it reminiscent of the ocean.

Our pugs, Suki (top) and Sumo (bottom) thought this room was being made for them, clearly.
At least they approved the rug! ;)

We finally picked out espresso furniture that perfectly accented the white trim and subtle blue walls. I printed these vintage sea life graphics and put them in matted frames. The theme was coming to life!

I crafted a decoupage piece utilizing our maternity pictures and ultrasound images. It was so easy and is something we constantly get compliments on. Directions below!

***CRAFT*** Decoupage Maternity/Ultrasound Plaque - All you need is a piece of wood and some mod podge. You print the pictures on normal printer paper, apply a thin layer of mod podge, spray with a clear sealant (so that ink doesn't run) then apply another layer of mod lodge on top. Let dry and that's it!***CRAFT***

I found the wall cubby on, too, and also the small bookcase with veggie tray at the bottom.

As owners of an Etsy shop, it was important to us to support other sellers and incorporate some of the unique items available into the room. The hanging ombre mobile, dry erase magnetic wall calendar, chevron rail guards, and chevron teddy bear (a gift from my mom) were all found on Etsy.

We cut the name out at our shop and placed the letters on a shelf bought on EBay. For more info on letters like this, send me a message through our shop!

Finally the nursery was complete! I have to admit, I was impressed with how well it all came together in the end. There's often a moment when you are in the middle of a project such as this and you start wondering if it's just going to come out all wrong. Luckily this was not the case - we absolutely love it and Asher does, too! ;)


  1. I love your nursery! Just out of curiosity, why are the S and H in Asher's name capitalized?

  2. Thank you!! I saw something similar done by Pottery Barn. I thought it would be cute with the 'SH' since there's a sleeping baby under it... Lol. My husband asked the same thing when I told him what I wanted. It's purely decorative. :)

  3. I love everything about his nursery. We opted for grays, too. But unfortunately we are moving soon (the end of the month to be exact) and have to start all over on a nursery. Not quite sure if I am happy about this or upset. I am loving the theme!

    1. Thanks! I've been a little obsessed with grays lately. I tried to pull up your post with Jaxon's nursery tour and the pictures weren't showing up. :( At least you could have some fun somewhat starting over on your nursery. There are so many cute themes out there and sticking with just one can be hard!