Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spending Time Family Style

Let's fast forward for a minute. I still am working on posts of our nursery, those first days/weeks home with our new baby, and other topics that are behind us; but today I want to post on a more current topic with some more current pics. :)


Spending time together as a new family is so important to me. It's different than it used to be. Looking forward to the weekend has a whole new meaning even when we have no plans - wait, make that especially when we have no plans. There's something so special about those quiet Saturday and Sunday mornings with the aroma of fresh coffee in the air, all three of us sitting on our couch, our pugs squeezing in between us vying for our attention from the baby. The chaos seems to be damped by the weekend. There's no rush, no stress that we won't get everything done on our ever growing list in the limited time of the workday. A fussy baby is less of a stress and more of a challenge, a time to work together as a team to learn about our baby and ourselves. The weekends are a time for relaxing and getting to know each other in our new roles as mom and dad while tending to our wonderful new addition.

I also seem to get the best pictures of our little one on Saturday mornings right after we wake up. The lighting in our bedroom is just right and he is generally calm and generous with smiles. (For a little while, anyways!) The trick is catching those smiles on camera since he usually is smiling while looking at my face or when I'm looking the other way. I have yet to get one in full focus or within the frame, although some of those out-of-focus, in the moment shots capture another mood altogether and are fun to play around with while editing.

That smile that is so difficult to catch in time!

We also have yet to send out our birth announcements - eeek! So while we used a photographer for our newborn photos when Asher was 1 week old, I am trying to get a current picture to include, as well. I know the etiquette says we have until 6 months - but I already feel like we are late! Here are some pictures from our Saturday morning photo shoot we had today. (It lasted about 5 minutes and then there was a slight meltdown. Who wants to "model" so early in the morning???)

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