Thursday, April 25, 2013

Patterns Week & Baby's First Cold

I'm not gonna lie - this week has been a challenge.

From diaper rashes to sensitive skin issues, possible cradle cap and hair loss to crankiness... we have really run the gamut with challenging baby issues this past week. To top it all off, Asher got his first cold. More on that in a minute.

It seems as though he is going through his second metal leap according to the wonder weeks. He was born about a week early, so supposedly that puts him a week behind in the stages since it is based on his mental development from conception. His behavior for the past week has definitely fallen in line with the signs of the "patterns" week. I haven't bought the book on the wonder weeks yet, but I did download the iPad app and have read a little about them online. He definitely wants to be entertained more than ever, cries at the drop of a hat, has a decreased appetite, and wants to be held all day. This all started about a week ago. While it is trying, it also is encouraging to see him hitting all these new milestones. He is holding his head up like a champ (and actually wants to do tummy time), he's shifting his weight forward while in my lap or when someone else is holding him and he wants to come back to me, he is more engaged with his toys, making new sounds, and has been playing with and staring at his hands... The book goes into much more detail on these weeks and offers suggestions on dealing with the extra fussiness associated with them. He's also exhibiting a lot of the "symptoms" of the third leap, too, though... blowing spit bubbles... sucking on his hands... so I am still sort of on the fence on this theory although it is very interesting and does seem to be hitting a lot of the marks!

Anyways, despite my best efforts to keep my germs away from John and baby Asher, they both ended up catching my horrible cold. Word to the wise - sanitize your hands during and after your pediatrician appointments! Many times! I think I picked this awful thing up at the pediatrician's when Asher was getting his vaccines last week. :(

It started with a few little sneezes here and there. They're cute until you realize that they are happening too frequently. Then I saw a runny nose. He didn't have a fever and he was (and still is) surprisingly happy for the most part, but I called the doctor anyways and they recommended using a nasal aspirator with saline drops if needed, keeping Asher upright, and keeping an eye out for a fever. Basically, we have to let his immune system do its job and just wait it out.

It's the hardest thing to see your tiny baby uncomfortable and sick when you know there is not much you can do! I couldn't help but feel guilty knowing that the cold came from me. I set up our Vicks Humidifier that I received at my baby shower to help decongest his little nose. It blows out "cool moisture" and has a Vicks scented insert for "soothing vapors". It seems to have helped a little! I've also been using our NoseFrida "Snotsucker" and that has been a big help. It's a unique spin on the standard bulb aspirator that instead uses a tube that you suck with your mouth. Lol! It sounds gross but it blocks anything from coming up the tube with a filter. Although it sounds weird, he actually likes it! It's supposed to be more gentle on their little noses. When I hold it up he smiles and after I "suck" at his nose, he laughs! He really is the cutest baby, even when he's sick.

It was incredibly difficult hearing his nasally sounding cries! Fortunately, it seems like he is getting better. He is starting to sound normal again and the runny nose seems to be gone. He's been very clingy and fussy at times, his appetite went down a little (whether related to the wonder week or to his cold, I don't know) - but he's still flashed us his wide grin and let out small bouts of laughter several times a day. What little schedule he had has certainly been disrupted, but hopefully we'll be back on track soon. He's a trooper, this one! I am extremely relieved that this did not progress into something serious and I will definitely be more careful about hand washing and sanitizing from now on!

As far as everything else we've been dealing with, I'm keeping a running list of blog topics originating from our crazy week. One in particular, our sensitive skin problems and seemingly never ending diaper rash. I'm at my wits end on how to keep it away and am going to give cloth diapers a try. I'm hoping that using them a few times a day when we're just relaxing at home will help air circulate better... we'll see! I'll definitely follow up our experience with a blog post!

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