Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mistobox Has Arrived!

It finally arrived - John's Mistobox! I swear, John was so anxious for this thing to get here! He immediately tore open the graphic, little box and unwrapped the aromatic coffees, excited to see the coffee varieties and the 'mom and pop' companies from which they originated. (If nothing else, they've certainly got some excellent graphic design going on.)


El Salvador La Grenadilla - from The Westbean Coffee Roasters in San Diego, CA
Rwanda Mwasa - from Ladro Coffee Roasting in Seattle, WA
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere - from Victrola Coffee Roasters in Seattle, WA
Honduras Jose Salomon Benitez - from Anodyne Roasting Co. in Milwaukee, WI

Although we do love our coffee, we've never paid much attention to the different flavors and aromas of special roasts such as these ones. We just brew up our Folgers and that's that. When we had our Keurig (which broke... 3 machines... 3 times) we would use different flavors, like vanilla, blueberry, coconut, etc., but that's about the extent of our coffee adventures. This is exciting! It's like wine... but coffee! I'll have to find that grinder that I know is hidden in our pantry somewhere, probably under a bag of old marshmallows or something, to grind up the beans so we can brew up our first taste test.

So far, we're impressed. But now, the real fun begins. I'll let you know what we think! 

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