Monday, June 10, 2013

iPhone Favorites

We had a very busy weekend for baby! Saturday was my 2 nephews' combined birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. It was Asher and my first time there - what a whirlwind! That place is sure to be one of Asher's favorites once he gets a little older.

Sunday, we went to John's cousin's wife's (got that??) baby shower. Another second cousin for baby Asher is on his way! It was a beautiful shower with the cutest nautical theme. I fully intended on taking a million pics but unfortunately didn't even get one due to disposable diaper fiasco and overwhelmed baby episode.

This was the second day in a row that I found out just how unreliable Seventh Generation disposable diapers are for us. Asher doesn't fit into his cute little shorts in his cloth diapers, plus I am still waiting on 2 wet bags to arrive (my current wet bag will only fit 1 diaper at a time). I ventured back into the world of disposables again with a brand I thought might cut back on the redness. Well, yes, there was much less irritation but for the price of changing his clothes at each diaper change due to leakage! Ugh. Not impressed - taking suggestions for another disposable alternative. I wish our gDiapers would fit already!

NEW Developments 17 Weeks:
  • Looks like Asher wants to crawl. He kicks his legs while on his tummy and tucks his head under with frustration. 
  • Suki & Sumo (pugs) howl when Asher cries! It's the cutest thing ever. They think their little bro is in distress.
  • More chewing than sucking on the pacifier during the day. Could we be teething?? No signs of pain. We'll see!
  • Moving around in bassinet more now. We'll soon need to raise the side next to the bed or think about migrating to the nursery... :( Sad day for mommy!
  • Giggles when ticked! It's still intermittent - but happens more and more often. 
  • 4 Month shots coming up on Tuesday. Wish us luck! Maybe mommy can hold back her tears this time.
  • Ordered a chicken wing shaped teething toy. Extremely excited for it to arrive. May have to break out the chef hat again for a photo op we won't ever forget!
  • Asher smiles and laughs when mommy says, "SQUISHY!", and pinches his cheeks. This is the one source of laughter that works again and again. 

Asher, I love you more than ever. How is it possible that my love grows for you everyday? I hope you know how much mommy and daddy love you and care for you. You are our world stuffed into one very small and extremely adorable package of cuteness. 

Today I am leaving you with our latest iPhone Favorites. Asher is getting more animated each day and it's amazing to witness his budding sweet and silly personality.


  1. I stumbled across your blog from Pinterest and I must say that I thoroughly impressed by your blog and the content and how relatable it is. I am searching you on Bloglovin' and you've just earned yourself a new mommy follower. I love your iPhone Favorites photo dump. Brilliant! I never thought about compiling them into a huge massive collage. I usually do a Friday Photo Dump with my little one's weekly letters that I post to him (a letter a week for his entire first year). Anyways, I love your blog!!!

    1. Hi Mandy - thank you very much! I'm fairly new to the whole blogger world (Followers and giveaways and linkups, oh my! Lol) so I really appreciate the feedback. I just checked out your blog and it's great, too! As for the iPhone pics, I figured it was the best way to include them all. I always have A TON!