Friday, June 14, 2013

2 Cousins & Chuck E Cheese

Last Saturday, we packed up Asher and headed over to Chuck E Cheese for 2 of my nephews' combined birthday parties. We walked in and there were... Lights! Sounds! Colors! Noise! John and I were overloaded within seconds and knew it would be a lot of stimulation for our little guy. He was such a trooper and loved looking around at all there was to see. His eyes remained wide throughout most of the party. He really was taking it all in and loving every minute of it.

My nephews Talan and Rylan celebrated both of their birthdays and the party was fantastic. They had a great time, their friends had a great time, and my whole family enjoyed everything, as well. We'll have to keep this venue in mind for future birthday parties when our little "squishy" grows to be a big boy!

Birthday boy, Talan.

Asher in this picture cracks me up - "Gross, Mom and Dad!"

Oh - I almost forgot! My mom, Asher's Grandma :), loves to give "non-birthday" presents to the grandchildren whose birthday it is NOT. She does this so that they don't feel left out. Of course, Asher has no clue, but she got him one anyways which was extremely thoughtful. She must have been unloading a batch of things she's been collecting over time - look at all this new stuff! Asher is one lucky little guy! (And now he'll be all the more fashionable, too!)


  1. Asher is a doll and so are his little cousins. I really wish that we had a Chuckie Cheese closer than hours away! Jaxon I am sure would love it and so would our little Madelyn! Looks like Asher had a blast!

    1. Thanks! We didn't have it around here until a few years ago. I'm so glad we do now! It will be really fun when he gets a little older.