Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Big Move - Bassinet to Crib

Well, the gig is up. We are free to have more children now. Our former "angel baby" is now showing a new side. A wakeful, alert side. He still shows off his contagious smile all hours of the day...and night - he's just no longer in favor of sleeping, or more specifically, going to sleep.

We are now on night 5 of the transition from the bassinet in our room to Asher's crib in his nursery. He's 6 months old now, he is moving around a lot more in his sleep, and he is getting really close to outgrowing his bassinet. So we figured it is like a perfect time to make the move.

Night one went extremely well. Too well. Asher fell right asleep in his crib with no resistance to his 7:30pm bedtime. It may have even been 7:15pm. Out like a light. He woke just briefly around midnight for a bottle, then it was back to bed.

Our iBaby monitor allows us to watch and even take pictures of Asher in his crib on our  mobile devices.

He was then up in the morning at about 7:30am. I fed him and he wasn't having his crib anymore at that point, so I brought him into our room into his bassinet and both of us got another 2 hours of sleep (score!). <-- Daddy left early, early to go fishing and I didn't get to bed until super late - hence the excitement for extra sleep.

The following nights brought the tossing and turning and Asher's hesitance to sleep in his crib. We gave in last night, on night 4, letting him back into our room when he absolutely would not go back to sleep around 2am. Into the bassinet - done. Sleeping baby.  Tonight, if I even walked into the nursery with him he'd start to cry. I finally got him in there by rocking him to sleep with a bottle. I know that's one of the worst things to do, so I do not want to make this into a habit!

I must mention that our schedules are also all out of sorts right now. Circumstances have brought me back to our shop every weekday for at least 3-5 hours. Maybe by next week I'll be able to cut it down to 3 days or so. Sometimes, if I am lucky, Asher naps. But it's unfortunately just not a nap friendly environment there. We have loud machinery running, I am using a tape gun to package up orders... I don't blame him for not being able to get quality rest while we're there.

In addition to this new schedule, our pediatrician recommended we feed Asher breakfast and late lunch rather than breakfast and dinner since he has been having more might wakings since starting solids. Working this new feeding schedule into our new work/home schedule is going to be a little tricky. But we will make it work.

Oh - ALSO - we are supposed to have him sleeping on his stomach now to combat his "flat head". He doesn't like that. So this just adds to the difficulty at sleep time.

I'm not a fan of the "cry-it-out" method for us. So I'm going to have to get creative to get Asher into the habit of sleeping in his crib. I'm going to try to let him play in his crib while I am doing things in his room, i.e. folding laundry, organizing, cleaning, etc. I'm already putting him in there for naps (with much resistance) but I'm sure this will improve in time, as well. When he wakes, I am giving him his bottle in his nursery so that he stays sleepy and hopefully won't think about changing rooms. 

Hopefully by next week I'll have some more perspective for anyone going through the transition from bassinet to crib once we have crossed the threshold. Fingers crossed this process won't take much longer than that!

When and how did you make the transition from bassinet to crib/ How did it go? Any advice?

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