Sunday, August 4, 2013

Photos with Baby Marley

Today, baby Marley and her mommy, Nancy, came over to take some photos while both her and Asher's daddys were outside working on John's boat. We were totally content indoors in the cool a/c while the guys were melting in the Florida heat.

While I snapped picture after picture of this little beauty, baby Asher watched happily from his Rock 'n Play. Both he and Marley were such great sports throughout the whole process! There was hardly a tear all day from either of the little ones, and that is saying something! I was excited to get some extra practice in on some of the new backdrop items I recently purchased and Nancy was just as excited to get some photos of her little angel.

Marley was such a pleasure to take pictures of and she is just so darn cute and photogenic!

After the mini "photo shoot", both babies fell fast asleep. I'm telling you, we couldn't have planned the whole thing better. So, while the "models" rested, Nancy and I whipped up some Carrot Margaritas as featured on Cupcakes and Cashmere. I know, it sounds like a strange recipe - but they turned out awesome. I didn't have red pepper flakes, only ground red pepper which worked just fine with a tiny sprinkle on top. It finished it off with the perfect 'kick'. We even brought a few to the guys who were still working diligently outside in the heat. How they can be outside for more than a few minutes (hours!) in this weather, I will never know. We had a fun time connecting with "mommy-talk" while the babies finished up their naps.

Oh - and I will deny any allegations of using a baby bottle to measure the correct ounces of liquor. ;)

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