Friday, August 16, 2013

B2C - Night 7 + Wooden Teething Toy

Oh my goodness... can you get enough of that old-man-face cuteness?? I can't either.

We are on B2C NIGHT 7 - the transition from the bassinet to the crib. Last night Asher woke for a bottle around 1am (his eating schedule has been rearranged so I do believe he was legitimately hungry) and then it took him just a few minutes to fall back to sleep and he slept until about 6 when we brought him in with us until 8:30 for some extra Zzzzs.

This afternoon, we put him down for a nap in his crib at about 3:30 and he was asleep around 4:00. He resisted and we attempted to let him cry a little until I offered him a comforting hand to squeeze after about 10 minutes of steady tears and frustration. Within 5 minutes of that, he was asleep. I guess it was like a modified CIO. I just can't do the real thing but I don't think we'll need to. He napped for an hour and a half. Yipee!

It was bedtime at 7:07 and by 7:28 he was sound asleep and has been every since. He didn't cry, just groaned and grunted his way into slumber-land. He did let out one cry and needed my hand to squeeze for just a minute right before he nodded off. Hey - we may be onto something here. We'll just wean the hand and should be golden. Stay tuned.

Our newest excitement is this wooden teething toy from Hennie Rose on Etsy. This is one of the few teething toys that he actually likes chewing on. This shop has the cutest things! I might also get Asher one of the pacifier clips that has the wooden beads on it, as well, considering he is always chewing on the straps of his. So neat! I wanted to share. 

As luck would have it, we have to rise early again tomorrow to get a few things done at our shop while there's still time to get a shipment out. Oh well, maybe we'll hit breakfast after that if we get early enough of a start. Who knows what's on the agenda for the rest of the weekend... maybe the zoo? ;)

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