Saturday, August 24, 2013

Asher's Closet - 6 to 9 Months

Lately I have been throwing so much clothing into the "Too Small" box in the corner of Asher's nursery. His closet has been dwindling down until I recently realized that there is not much left that fits! Other than the much-too-big 12 month sized outfits I have stuffed in the back of the closet, almost everything else is now outgrown. What else to do then build his wardrobe back up with some shopping?

My biggest peeve about baby clothes is that it is really hard to find something UNIQUE! It seems like anything purchased from the department store is sure to be seen on at least 2 other babies within the week. We want individuality around here! { Even if I am the one who chooses the said outfits... :) } So, I am left with no choice but to shop online, which, is one of my favorite past times. So it all works out. 

Another issue with buying baby boy clothes for us is the FLORIDA HEAT! All those cute layered baby looks pinned all over Pinterest and featured in photo shoots left and right... yeah, those aren't happening around here. We have to go with as few layers as possible, foregoing the socks and hats to boot. So much for coordination! We'd like the thinnest fabric available, please.

So, what IS Asher wearing these days?? I'm glad you asked. Let the baby fashion show begin! (Joan would be so proud.)

1. Rock Me Grasshopper One-Piece | 2. Tea Collection Fish Romper | 3. City Threads T-Rex Tee Charlie Rocked Striped Shorts | 4. Tea Collection Skull Tee & Surf Short | 5.  Carter's Firetruck Tee & Red Fitted Short | 6. Jumping Beans Truck Tee & Khaki Pants 7. Jumping Bean Robot Onesie & Patch Pants 8. Jumping Bean Sherrif Onesie & Plaid Short 9. Jumping Bean Car Onesie &  Blue Pants | 10. Jumping Bean Dig It Onesie & Cargo Short 11. Carter's Anchor Short Set 12. You had me at HOLA! Onesie

Thankfully, we no longer are dealing with the extreme spit-up that forced us to change clothes every hour or go diaper-only. This makes for one happy mommy. Now I can dress this kid up with all the fun looks!

I have to admit, I am a sucker for Ebay when it comes to baby clothes. I don't buy used, just new items with and sometimes without tags. Not that there's anything wrong with used clothes, I  have just had a bad run of luck when it comes to purchasing pre-owned articles of baby clothing, so I steer clear now. A few of the outfits shown here were purchased on Ebay. It takes commitment. Think at least one hour of scrolling through search results just to find one cute outfit. I'm picky. And apparently I have too much time on my hands. { I wish! }

I like to mix just a few "higher end" pieces in, but not too many because these clothes don't stick around long. If I'm lucky, I'll get 2-3 months out of something and I'm really pushing it there near the end. I probably could get a few more wears out of some of his things, but just the thought of stuffing Asher into something tight while he wiggles around and fights putting his arms and legs through the holes makes me just move on to something else. Into the bin it goes!

"How does this pug look on me, mom?"
You also may have noticed our old rug is back. The new one was the worst quality ever! :(

Zulily, of course, has been an excellent source of unique and fashionable baby clothes. has a nice range of options from lower end to higher end and their app makes shopping fast and easy. has some great things, too!

I have learned not to wait too long to wash clothes that you think you have a few months to go until they'll fit. Most of these clothes SHRINK! I can't tell you how many times I pass something by thinking it's still too big, then when I finally go to put it on Asher it's too small! :( Mommies beware.

I know one day Asher will thank me for putting so much time and effort into his perfectly coordinated and balanced infant wardrobe... Bahahaha! 

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