Thursday, August 15, 2013

SUPERBABY, Zany Zoo, + Phone Favorites

I should have a badge made that says "Crazy Mom". I am the mom whose baby fell asleep in his crib without fussing (woo-hoo!) and then decided to lug in my camera and a tripod to take some pictures of him in the dark. Risky business. Fortunately, he did not wake up. He stirred a few times and I held my breath - but thankfully he didn't wake while I was clanking around in there just a few feet away from him. I said I was crazy, didn't I?


Today, Asher only napped about 15 minutes in the car. He was up at 9 (well, up at 6, ate, then came to our room until 9. I was so tired I didn't even want to attempt the re-inserting of the paci over and over again from across the house. He went right back to sleep in our room. Bad mom! TIRED MOM.)

Any-who, he was officially up at 9, ate breakfast, then was off to work with me. He got a bottle there and we unsuccessfully attempted napping a few times. We were back home by 2.  He had lunch then we TRIED napping. He wasn't having it. Before I knew it, 5pm came around and he looked super sleepy. Since late afternoon naps can mean long, sleepless nights, I kept him up and we did bath, bottle, book, a little more from his bottle, and bed by 7:30. He fussed until that last few ounces so I think he was just still hungry? His appetite has been all over the place lately. He was out as soon as I put him down. So much for putting him down while he's still awake like "the experts" say to do, but we're doing our best here. I'm still rather new at this. :)

Presenting... SUPERBABY! He could fight crime in his sleep. He's a super sleeper.

Alas, the night is still young. I flipped our little flat head onto his side after taking these pics and got these little nuggets with my phone. Um, you're welcome.

cotton booty cuteness ;) aka cloth diaper fluffy butt

Drool spots on the sheets are probably only cute when babies do it. Or maybe it's cute for all children, but certainly not adults. Just a word to the wise. ;)

On another note, our new big boy toy came in and I, I mean Asher, was so excited! We got him a Zany Zoo that he can play with while sitting up. He already loves flipping open the doors, spinning, flicking, pressing, twirling... and he can't even see everything on top yet!

I can't even. These pictures are so edible I don't know which ones to make smaller. They're all full-size worthy. Indulge yourself in the cuteness...

Without further ado, it's time for my iPhone Favorites from the past few weeks. I am a little behind on getting these up since we've been so crazily busy. Enjoy! 

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