Monday, May 13, 2013

My First Mother's Day

Mother's Day was filled with excitement! It was my first Mother's Day so this year was extra special. I woke up to a yummy breakfast in bed and the most beautiful bouquet of roses and peonies. After we all were fed and happy, I opened the gift Asher and Daddy had gotten me. ;) It was a perfect morning with my little man and my thoughtful husband!

I have much to say on what it's like for me to be a new mother and what motherhood means to me, but I have so many great pictures to share while I work on getting a post together on all of that. I hope you enjoy these great pics from my first Mother's Day!

In the first few pics, I'm still in a sleepy daze so please forgive my strange expressions, Lol!
My shirt  in these pics is yet another great Zulily find! I'm officially addicted...
After our morning together as a new family of three, we hurried and got ready for the big day ahead. First on the agenda was lunch with my family and then we were on to visit John's parents immediately after. 

There were lots of mothers to be celebrated at lunch. My grandma (my mom's mom who we refer to now as "Oma", which is Grandma in German), my mom who raised us 3 girls, my sister (a mother of 3 and pregnant with her 4th!), and now me, the newbie! I have to say, I am proud to be joining the ranks with these outstanding women. I have much to learn and it's truly a blessing to have strong and knowledgeable mothers just a phone call away to help guide me during this great new phase of my life. 

The "mom" beanie is from SavannahCrochets on Etsy. Asher's tie and suspender shirt was a Zulily purchase and his pants are L'ovedBaby (they are our "go-to" pants).

Me with my little man.
The spittin' image!
Asher almost slept through the entire lunch! His blue blankie is a My Blankee from... you guessed it - Zulily
My wonderful mother - Happy Mother's Day,  Mommy!

The Mother's Day lunch doubled as a 'gender reveal' where my sister announced the gender of baby #4...
Asher with his Grandpa

My mom took some great pictures, as well! The four above were from her camera. There were so many great pictures of our Mother's Day extravaganza! It was hard to choose which to include!
Oh - my purple dress is from... drumroll, please...  Zulily!!!

After our delicious lunch, we rolled our stuffed bellies over to Nona and Grandpa's house where we wished John's mom a Happy Mother's Day and they played with Asher. He had such fun with them and let it show with smile after smile.

The burp cloth in the picture is by Bambino Land. It's muslin and therefore super absorbent, so spit-up doesn't roll off like is the case some other burp cloths. I got them from Zulily (duh) and I really recommend them! I swear they don't pay me to say these things - haha! - I just love sharing my oh-so-spectacular finds!! :)

After our exhausting day of celebrating the great mothers in our lives, we headed home and had just enough time to give Asher his BBB routine - bath, bottle, bed. He crashed even earlier than usual after his eventful day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mothers out there! Motherhood is certainly not easy but the rewards are endless. You all deserve this day and a thousand more!!!

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