Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Asher Goes to the Zoo

We were really looking forward to Memorial Day weekend's three full days off - no work, no chores (well, less than usual) and lots of time together as a family. 

We planned on taking Asher to the zoo for the first time. Brevard Zoo has an AWESOME giraffe exhibit that neither John or I had been to yet, so that added to the excitement. We knew the zoo would most likely be packed due to the holiday weekend, so we went first thing in the morning on Sunday. We couldn't have planned it better. The weather was perfect and the crowd had not yet started to accumulate. We went right in and headed straight for the giraffes!

I have SO MANY great pictures, so I won't waste any more time. Here we go!

This picture is my favorite!!!

Asher was sporting his Gymboree hat!

We used this baby carrier I picked up for the first time (only $12.99! What?!?) and for the money, it definitely did the job. I've never used one of the big name brand ones, but I think the difference is probably in ease of getting baby in and out and the overall sturdiness of the carrier. Although this carrier is decent, I'm on the lookout for a nicer one.

Asher had a great time at the zoo! Now he loves his plush "sophie" even more since he has seen giraffes in person.

We did cheat and use disposable diapers for our outing. I was worried Asher would get too hot in the Florida sun with a cloth diaper on, plus his outfit wouldn't have fit him since the cloth diapers tend to add a lot of pouf to the bum area. Regrettably, we do have a lot of sore looking redness that has popped up again. I am on the lookout for a brand of disposables we can use for travel and outings like this. The gDiapers with disposable inserts probably would have hit all the marks, BUT we always end up with a leak. He might just need to grow into those ones. I will keep you updated on my progress finding the perfect travel and outing diaper!

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