Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to John!

Last Sunday was John's birthday! The plan was, and had been for days, for Asher to go to his Nonna and Grandpa's house and John and I were going to go to the beach.

We had our morning coffee and Asher helped John open his gifts. ;) Asher and I got him a subscription to MistoBox. We heard about this cool new company while watching our favorite reality show Shark Tank. If you don't already watch this show, it is a must that you start DVR'ing it right away. In a nutshell, entrepreneurs seek investments for their small companies and many of them become millionaires within months of going on the show. Mistobox is a subscription service for supposedly the country's best roasts. I got John a 3 month subscription and I'll let you know just how good they are once the first box arrives! John loved the gift and we are both anxious to try them.

John also opened a gift from my parents - some great clothes perfect for our beach day! Little did we know what was working it's way into our area up in the sky...

Read on as our day progresses...

...and the day continues.

I had just bought a new outfit to wear for our beach day. Well, my mom bought it for me, actually. Thanks, mom! :) John had his new beachy duds to sport. We definitely had a theme going and were SO looking forward to catching some rays and laying in the sand.

We dropped Asher off at Nonna and Grandpa's house. We saw some darkening clouds in the distance but figured the Florida weather is so unpredictable this time of year and we were hoping it would clear up pretty quickly.

On that note, I have something incredibly embarrassing to admit about the beach. We live in a beach town (well close enough, anyways), I went to high school literally within walking distance of the beach, we both have lived here our whole lives... and here's where it gets embarrassing... we both haven't gone to the beach here in almost 6 or 7 years!!!! I know, that's just ridiculous. John's very into boating, so we've always either had a boat to take out on the river or ocean, or we go with friends who have boats. But the beach... we have been seriously taking it for granted. We were pumped to have a real beach day.

And then this happened....

So we drove South thinking we could outrun the rain or find a break in the clouds. No such luck. After an hour or so of driving, maybe more, we decided to just get a bite to eat. Somewhere "beachy" so that we could at least feel like we spent a day in the sun. The first restaurant we went to had no indoor seating and everything was windy and wet. We got back in the car.

We headed back mainland and ended up right back in our stomping grounds. We decided to eat at Mustard's Last Stand - a local hotdog joint that has been around for ages and boasts some of the most unique menu items I have ever seen. Honestly, this is a restaurant I have driven by my entire life and never thought to go into. I've never considered myself a "hot dog kind of girl". What a mistake! I had a "Hollyweird Dog", topped with cream cheese, onions, and some kind of red sauce (?) and it was amazing! If you are ever in the Melbourne area, you have to give this place a try. Yum!

After our hot dog experience we decided to go pick up Asher. We arrived at John's parents house and stuck around for long enough to give Asher a taste of the pool. We dipped his little feet into the water for the first time. He wasn't phased by it! He seemed more interested in eating his hands. 

Our day didn't end until much later after dinner with John's parents and then cake at their house. We somehow fit grocery shopping in there, too. Phew! We gave Asher his usual - Bath, Bottle, Bed - and then headed to bed ourselves. Hope your birthday was fun, John! We'll reattempt the beach very soon! XOXO <3

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