Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tooth Warning - Asher's First Tooth

Tooth Watch - An announcement that the eruption of a tooth and teething symptoms are possible.
Tooth Warning - A tooth or teething is imminent and expected, i.e. a tooth has been spotted

Our "tooth watch" has now officially been upgraded to a "tooth warning"! A little white spot could be seen just below the gum when these pictures were taken and now, just a few days later, that spot has erupted into a sharp little spike that is easily felt with your finger. { Getting that little bugger on camera is another story. }

It hasn't been easy around here for the past week or so with this tooth making its way out. We already haven't had a full night's sleep since that first day in his crib - and before that it had been since we started solids...so we technically haven't had a full stretch of sleep since Asher was 4 1/2 month old! *yawn*

On that note, Asher is now 7 months old! I'll be posting our usual monthly update soon. There is so much to share! I need to get his onesie pic before too much more time has gone by.

Even while teething, Asher is still such a happy baby. He gets sillier and sillier by the day! Check out his newest silly moment making scrunchy faces in his pack and play... This must be one of those things that every parent gets on camera at some point. It never gets old. If you haven't captured this yet, put it on your list of MUST TAKE BABY PHOTOS/VIDEOS.

 I think he must know how goofy he looks because he thinks it's so funny! BTW: Suki was just sniffing most of the time there... she only got one face lick in, I think... :P

We have been so busy with our shop that it's been difficult to get in a lot of quality time, all 3 of us. When we do get to have family time, though, Asher is in heaven. He loves his daddy so much! Sunday mornings are our favorites. It's the only day of the week for us when no one has to go to work, no one is in a rush, we get to sit down with our little man and just play, play, play. I used to make homemade waffles or pancakes every Sunday before this little ray of sunshine came about and this past Sunday I picked up the tradition. Only - eek! - I cheated and used Bisquick. But NEXT Sunday - it's on! I'll break out the eggs, milk, vinegar... and I'll be sure to share the awesome Belgium Waffle recipe that I'm convinced makes John love me just a little bit more. :)
Sorry it's just phone pics today. Sometimes, though, these in-the-moment phone shots can be even more special. :)
Remember how excited I was for our 6 month photo shoot and all the delightful little outfits I had planned for our cutie-patootie? Well, we haven't gotten out photos back yet (we had to keep pushing the shoot date back but finally got them taken on the 31st and a few more on the 2nd), but during our session I took a quick phone pic and oh my gosh - look at this cuteness!! I CAN'T WAIT to see what our photographer, Caroline Nicole Photography, has in store for us.

I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying some change in weather as Fall starts to set in. Unfortunately for us, it is still a sweltering 90 degrees and with the humidity it feels like 100+. The only sign of Fall in these parts is the appearance of the annual yummy pumpkin treats and drinks at Starbucks. I just may turn down the thermostat tonight, hop into a warm, cozy sweater and make myself some delicious spiced pumpkin hot chocolate via a recipe I repinned on Pinterest. Fall in Florida. Gotta love it!

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