Monday, July 22, 2013

Asher the Yogi - Mommy & Me Yoga

I have been so overwhelmed for the past few days. I think when my 'to-do' list - the one inside my head - gets too long, I shut down and just don't want to do any of it. The dishes, the laundry, the explosion of "stuff" all over our counters and everywhere else in our house, cooking dinner, putting clothes away, answering Etsy inquiries and emails... the list goes on. I reach a point where I don't even want to do the fun stuff. { i.e. I have a box of photography things I ordered still sitting in our foyer, unopened. What?!? } Part of me wants to just get things done and out of the way, and the other just wants to sit on the couch and close my eyes...

So, much to your delight, I'm sure, I will just BLOG instead! :) Yes, you can thank me later.

Today, Asher and I went to a Mommy & Me yoga class with my friend Nancy and her 6 week old baby Marley (Asher's betrothed). Yoga is one of those activities people often turn to when their minds start to get overwhelmed; it can help calm and clear your head. So it was great timing for me, although, the Mommy & Me yoga isn't necessarily meditative because you are tending to your little one. The social aspect is a plus because you can connect with other moms with babies around the same age as yours and the physical aspect is definitely great. In addition, you get lots of quality mommy/baby bonding time!

I forgot how much of a workout yoga can be! My arms, legs, bum, and back all hurt already (in the good, strengthened way, of course). Asher really loved yoga! He was smiling and laughing and rolling around the whole time. His spirits stayed high into the evening, even after his squash solids and his bath. He kept laughing and happily screaming (a skill he worked on today) and then BAM! was fast asleep. Needless to say, we will be back for more yoga!

Click here for information on Downtown Yoga and their Mommy & Me classes:

To perform the mommy/baby yoga move pictured above targeting your ABDOMINAL muscles, put baby in your lap facing outward with their back on your tummy (see me and Asher) or facing you with their back on your thighs (see Nancy and Marley). Hold your legs and feet off the ground as pictured above for 10 seconds or longer if you can! Do several reps. Your abs will be sore!

Lucky for this sleepy girl-turned-zombie, John has stepped up to the plate helping out around the house. Today, I came home, expecting to be greeted by that dreaded sink full of dirty dishes and was surprised with a clean, empty sink. Amazing. Now if we could figure out a way to keep it from filling back up so quickly...

Asher's original yoga outfit. We had to make an unexpected wardrobe swap right before leaving the house!

In other news, Asher is still SO close to crawling but not quite there yet. He did "inchworm" his whole body about 3 inches forward all at one time today, which is the farthest he has been able to go in one push. He gets upset after about 10 minutes of trying, his face reddens and he starts to breathe heavily in frustration. He wants to be mobile so badly!

Sumo (left) & Suki (right)

He still topples over when sitting, but now it's lengthening to about 10 seconds into the sit and he is slowly becoming more and more steady.

And, last but not least, Asher held his own bottle today! It was only for a few seconds, but you could just see the excitement in his face, he was proud to be holding it all by himself. 

I am looking forward to the week - we are busy, busy, busy at our shop. I also bought another week's ingredient list in The Fresh 20 cookbook and will hopefully be making some meals this week. Tonight's was a flop because we don't have a grill (arrggh) so I'll be looking for different ways to utilize the ingredients I bought. And I'm tired, just so tired...

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  1. How awesome is it to have the yoga class with baby :-) As busy as it gets as a mama, it is so important to take time out for ourselves. Those endorphins can do wonders to turn around even the most stressed. Way to go, super mom!