Tuesday, July 9, 2013

5 Months Development & Milestones

Dear Asher,

You are so interactive now! Within the past few weeks, you have let your silly personality come through. You are grabbing at toys more than ever - even today you are doing so more than yesterday! It's amazing how we wake up each morning to you doing something new. I am in awe of how much you are playing with your toys, reaching for Suki and Sumo, and following us around the room with your eyes and now turning your head when we go out of view.

Like all babies, you have your moments; but your budding personality is suggesting that you have a relatively patient and calm demeanor. There are times when you'll sit and watch me make Suki and Sumo's breakfast, make coffee, and get your bottle ready without making a peep. You'll even smile at me when I glance at you sitting happily in your Bumbo seat (which you are almost too big for!).

You are sweet, loving, and silly. You laugh when mommy does funny things like "the wave" with her arms. You love to reach for and pet your doggies. Luckily, they are patient and loving just like you. They don't even flinch if you tug on their ears. :)

You love to meet new people and are generous with your smiles. You still save the best ones for mommy and daddy, though. ;)

You know who your grandparents are, all 4! You get so excited when you see them. You are very lucky to have so many people who love you. I think we are all the lucky ones to have such a wonderful little guy to love!

I love to watch you grow. I love to watch you play and learn and develop. You are growing so fast and I am blessed to get to spend each day with you to witness it all happen. You are so very special.

I love you, little Asher!

Love always, Mommy


Asher is healthy and growing a strong! He has just acquired his second cold, though, and it's all my fault! He caught it from me but seems to be handling it much better than I am. Both of his first colds have come from me so if I could stop catching things we would be much better off! Hopefully the diet revamp helps - post updating on that coming soon!


We gave in and got the rest of the Baby Signing Time DVDs, a cardboard signing book, and "Mr. Hopkins" plush frog during a sale.

Asher's Intermittent Signs:

  • "More"
  • "Milk" - only while eating, not to ask for milk.
  • "Banana" and "Carrot" - Similar
  • "Eat"
  • "Up"

He makes excited noises when hears a word he's familiar with during the signing DVDs. He's started yelling out with glee when he hears "train"!


  • Almost sitting by himself! Will "tripod" for several seconds along, then topples over.
  • Rolling quickly, either side, 360 degrees
  • Trying to crawl! Sometimes going backwards and gets so frustrated!
  • Grabbing and holding toys.
  • Reaching for toys, dogs, phone...
  • Still saying "aaa-ooooo" and "aaahhhh". New sounds will come up every once in awhile and especially in when he's playing!
  • Trying to grab spoon and hold bottle. Usually ends up pushing them away by accident!
  • Gazing at lights.


Every so often we'll think he's having teething pain, but then we'll realize he had gas or something else. There have been a few days where his temperature has been elevated (99-99.7) and I thought this could be related to teething. I don't think I feel anything under the surface of his gums yet, so we're still on TOOTH WATCH!


Because we've had a few traveling days thrown in where we were mostly on the road and are still getting back into the swing of things while catching up on work with our shop, we haven't stuck to an official baby solids feeding schedule quite yet. Some days we'll have breakfast (fresh mashed bananas mixed with formula), some days dinner (Happy Baby pureed carrots or squash), and some days both! I think Asher will appreciate knowing what to expect and when, so within a few days we'll get back on track and put a real schedule in place.

Foods we've introduced:

  • Bananas *Favorite
  • Avocado - Reaction, rash and redness
  • Carrots *Favorite
  • Butternut Squash 
  • Apples - Not too fond yet.


Feeling mostly back to normal now. Back to pre-pregnancy weight, just need to do some toning up! Still losing a lot of hair, but I guess that is to be expected for awhile. :( My hormones would probably be mostly leveled off if I could stop forgetting to take my birth control pills!

At 5 months, we couldn't be happier with our little man. He is such a blessing and so fun to watch as her gets bigger and bigger each day. While I miss my tiny little baby, I am so excited for each new stage!

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