Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baby Carriers: Why Splurge?

I never registered for a baby carrier for my baby shower. I found one that was on sale for $12.99 and figured that it could do the job just as well as those pricier ones out there. Boy was I wrong. I finally experienced the difference between quality baby carriers and cheap baby carriers and now I can tell you why you should splurge on a baby carrier (or at least register for one).


  • Safety 
  • Ease of Use
  • Comfort & Ergonomics for You and Baby
  • Style
  • Flexibility & Longevity of Use

Introducing the Stokke MyCarrier. This baby carrier fits the bill, excelling in each of the above categories. I decided to "baby wear" Asher when we toured NC last Tuesday using the MyCarrier and I have to say, I don't think I would have been comfortable walking around on this rock 2280 feet in the air with Asher in any other carrier.  The Stokke MyCarrier features the same technology in it's straps and fasteners as mountaineering gear. He was not going anywhere.

In addition to its high level of safety, this baby carrier is simple to use. It can be worn 3 ways - front forward facing, front rear facing, and on the back. Switching from one mode to the next is easy and quick. Sizing the straps to fit one parent to the next takes seconds. 

COMFORT. The ergonomic engineering of carriers is probably one of the main reasons that one will cost more than another. This is probably the biggest reason you would want to splurge on a baby carrier. If you buy a carrier that does not offer comfort, you won't be baby wearing very often! The MyCarrier is supportive all around and takes the comfort and positioning of your baby for optimum development into consideration, as well. It has an optional aluminum back support bar that John and I took advantage of and I did not feel any back pain after walking around with Asher in it throughout the day. 

The Stokke baby carrier can be used from birth to 3 years, which is pretty awesome if the need arises far down the road. It looks nice and sleek, too, in my opinion. Even John didn't mind sporting it around town, so it is great for daddy baby wearing, too! There is also a little pocket on the side where you can put your keys or cell phone AND it has a sun/sleep shade if your little one falls asleep. Awesome!

I used the bib accessory which is shown in all of the pics with Asher sucking and chewing on it. :) The pack came with two so I can throw this one in the wash and still have one to use.

The Stokke MyCarrier is definitely worth the splurge whether you are looking for a new carrier or you are adding one to your shower registry. I wish I had gotten a nice one like this sooner! I definitely would have been baby wearing more often and probably would have made it to the grocery store a lot more frequently in those early months with our little guy. You live and you learn! We'll be trying out the other carrier positions very soon, so keep your eye out if you want to see the 3 in 1 in action

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  1. I have wanted to get one of these suckers to carry Jaxon around in and I haven't found the one I like yet. I am not quite sure I need to be carrying him around in one of these with my back issues. I think it would make it a lot easier on me though versus trying to hip him... You have inspired me to search a little more and harder now. Thank you. I am going to check into this one that you have, do you just love it?

    1. I do - I definitely recommend it. I read that carrying them on your hip is one of the worst causes of back pain. My back had been hurting so bad and the day I used this it didn't hurt like usual. I need to get better about wearing it around the house when I am cleaning. The lumbar support is key!!!

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